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"VI&RUS International" - PCB Manufacturer

"VI&RUS International" is a private company established in year 2000 on the basis of existing since 1992 year "Biopriborostroene" PLC, which is specialized company in developing and manufacturing of printed circuit boards and electronic devices.

With continuous investment we make, we modernize the production of printed circuit boards and increase the services we offer. In the period 2008 - 2010 we installed equipment for quality control, which aims to guarantee our customers the quality they expect from us!

In 2011. was completed the planned program of refurbishment of the main production units in which we provide more technology options and better quality control.
By increasing the number and quality of our services, we strive to build a completely closed cycle - from design of electronic devices in the production of circuit boards to saturation and functional tests, so we making client's idea in working device. With the concept of "everything under one roof" we hope to reduce production costs and time to produce the finished product. In this way the customer will save time and money by searching for different organizations at every stage of realization of the idea.


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  • 158V,Vasil Aprilovblvd.
  • 4003, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • tel: +359 32 966197
  • e-mail: pcb@vrint-pcb.com